FULL GROOM– A full groom is tailored for your dogs individual needs taking into account style preference, breed, lifestyle and condition of the coat. This will all be discussed in a quick consultation beforehand. It includes 2 warm organic wildwash washes, massage, blow dry, brush out, hygiene trim, nail trim, ear clean, full body styling and a spritz of cologne. FROM £40

BATH + TIDY– If you are growing out your dogs hair or just need a freshen up without the need for a full groom, you can come in for a bath and tidy. This includes 2 warm organic wildwash washes, massage, blow dry, brush out, hygiene trim, nail trim, ear clean, de-shed, clearing of the eyes, a tidy of the feet, de-shed and a spritz of cologne. FROM £35

EXPRESS GROOMTired of dog hairs all over your couch? Regular de-shedding of loose/ dead coat is the answer. This service is available for smooth and short haired dogs only. It includes 2 organic wildwash washes, massage, de-shedding treatments, nail trim, ear clean, coat moisturiser, paw balm, a light tidy if necessary and a spritz of cologne. FROM £25

HANDSTRIP– Breed standard technique, suitable for wire-haired breeds to remove the dead outer coat by hand rather than with clippers. This technique maintains the coats natural colour and texture. Nail trimming is included but a bath is not offered with a hand strip as shampooing the coat directly before or after can encourage or lead to infection. It is advised that you wash your dog (or bring them in for £15 extra) 3 days before or after handstripping. FROM £50

DRY TRIM– A dry trim is a tidy up of the face, feet and rear but does not include a bath and brush so the dogs coat must be clean and in good condition. FROM £10

DRY DE-SHEDDINGThis service is available for smooth and short haired dogs only and does not include a bath. Longer/ heavier coated dogs will be advised to have a BATH + TIDY which will be more effective.
FROM £10

PUPPY GROOM (under 6 months) – An introductory session to grooming. It is advised your puppy has its first visit from 14 weeks old (or once vaccines are cleared) so they can get used to the grooming experience. They will receive a gentle bath, gentle dry, light brush out, light trim where necessary and most importantly, lots of love and attention! FROM £25


ULTRASOUND TEETH CLEANING – Give your dogs mouth a new lease of life with state-of-the-are ultrasound oral hygiene technology

  • No movement or vibration, so your dog does not experience any stress.
  • Penetrates deep into the gums , so reaches places no other brush can get
  • Antibacterial effect, cures and prevents gum inflammation.
  • Improves blood circulation, therefore stimulation healthy tissue.
  • Abrasion-free technique, so does not hurt the enamel.
  • Tooth cleaning and tartar removal without the danger of anaesthesia and keeping expensive vet bills at a minimum.

£40 per 30 min session or £30 with full groom. 1-4 sessions recommended depending on plaque severity


FLEA BATH– £5-£10


DE-MATTING– £5-£30

  • Please note that only natural wildwash shampoos/ conditioners are used. An exception is made on dull, white coats where an alternative shampoo may be used to enhance the brightness. Wildwash sensitive shampoos will be used on any puppies or dogs that have sensitive skin or allergies.
  • All prices quoted are on a basic groom- A dog which is in good condition, with no knots or matts, show good behaviour and a normal weight. A guide price will always be given during the initial consultation but it will vary depending on size, breed, condition and behaviour.